Dark Parts

Wisps of smoke dance through her
Like lovers embraced in a whirlwind
Spiraling up through thick, hot air
As she feels a readiness in her hips

She wants to kiss her, to reach out to her, to touch her
She wonders what her shadow would be doing, so she asks,
“Hello, Shadow
What do you want to do?”

In the water, deep sways in deep hips
“What’s your name?” she asks
But Shadow responds with a twisted smile
The smell of roses sweeps through her eyes

She’s sweating under water
Her head floats off her neck
Tiptoeing toward the ceiling
While she buries her heavy hips further in the glow

The darkness bends, stretches, and moans
Working its way through you
And like a lazy cat by a fire
It side-eyes you from half-caring slits

And through those dark parts sifted by the sun,
Shunned by man,
She hears her secret name in the dense, grey fog
You’ve always been there


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